Family therapy & Supervision

I am a psychologist and clinical family therapist. This means I am trained to work with individuals and families.

Systemic family therapists work with family patterns and relationships, as well as the contextual and societal factors that surround an individual, couple or family. 

There are many types of families and systemic therapists are inclusive of all families. We are also interested in broader systems such as race, ethnicity, culture, religion, ability, socioeconomic position, gender and sexual orientation. A systemic view is important for family therapists and widens our understanding of an individual.

You can read my article published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy here.

I use various evidenced-based approaches in therapy and supervision. Some of these include cognitive, behavioural and mindfulness methods, attachment-based interventions, as well as systemic modalities such as intergenerational family therapy, solution-focused therapy and narrative therapy.