Ecoinformed practice

Relationships are dynamic and intricate. They include our immediate relationship with ourselves, our relationships with family and friends, as well as our kinship with the earth and the natural world.

Deepening our relationship with the natural world nourishes our wellbeing and sense of connection and helps us have affection and love for this planet.

I value and support the innate reciprocity in the human-natural world relationship. My counselling practice is informed by climate science and an acceptance and appreciation of the emotional impact that climate change and environmental destruction can have on an individual, and the collective.

Personal reflection piece published in the Climate Psychology Alliance e-journal: The River Wants to Move by Catherine Falco

I have been trained in expressive therapies and use modalities such as expressive drawing, writing and movement when working with climate emotions. Climate-aware therapists view eco-distress, eco-anxiety and ecological grief as appropriate responses to climate change, and consider these emotions as a sign of connection and care for our world.

What counts is what we are, and the way we deepen our relationship with the world and with others, a relationship that can be of both love for all that exists and of desire for its transformation.

Italo Calvino